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Titi & Miro’s Adventure


It is an alien invasion and all the cats and kittens in the world are gone. It is up to you to save these cats and restore order to the universe in this frenzy, frantic and pure old school arcade fun.

99 challenging and varied levels and over fifty delightful and absolutely mean enemies. From monster, skeletons, dungeon dwellers, dinosaurs, dragons and much more. Pure mayhem and fun and it is all worth it for the sake of those kittens.

The Cats Await. The World Awaits… The move is now yours ..

  • Frantic, Frenzy, Fun Arcade Mayhem.
  • One touch super silky smooth control.
  • 99 Challenging Levels
  • 50+ Enemy types
  • 10 Add-ons and helpers.
  • Hundreds of Cats to Save.

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